thyssenkrupp Uhde and Genesis Fertilizers announce next steps for reduced-emission fertilizer plant in Western Canada

Revolutionizing Fertilizer Production in Western Canada

(Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – April 4, 2024) thyssenkrupp Uhde and Genesis Fertilizers Limited Partnership (“Genesis Fertilizers” or the “Partnership”) have entered into an agreement for a conceptual design study for the development of a fertilizer complex to be located near Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan. The proposed plant will be designed to utilize the latest production technology available for nitrogen fertilizer production, along with design options to also enable significant reduced greenhouse gas emissions while exploring renewable-based hydrogen, electricity options, and carbon capture. The plant will be designed to produce approximately 1,500 MTPD (metric tonne per day) of ammonia, with downstream production of urea, urea ammonium sulphate, and DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). The production of nitric acid and UAN (urea ammonium nitrate) is also being considered.

This Partnership announcement initializes the conceptual design or Pre-FEED (front end engineering and design) stage which will complete the design basis of the plant, including capacities, technology selection, product mixes, mass balance of inputs and outputs, block flow diagrams and carbon footprint optimization. The product formulations this plant will produce are expected to greatly streamline fertilizer handling in Canada, leading to a notable reduction in the overall carbon footprint associated with fertilizer production.

“Our primary goal is to build the most cost-efficient production and supply of nitrogen fertilizers to the farmers in Western Canada based on the most advanced technologies available, while considering the carbon impact,” said Jason Mann, President and CEO of Genesis Fertilizers. “This project signifies that the transition of the fertilizer industry to become more environmentally-friendly has started.”

Genesis Fertilizers has strategically partnered with thyssenkrupp Uhde for this important advancement of the project, as  thyssenkrupp Uhde offers extensive experience and established expertise in all the processes and technologies needed to make the plant both successful and sustainable. “ thyssenkrupp Uhde’s reputation in clean fertilizer technologies and their integration into plant design is essential to support our customers in all parts of the supply chains as they work to protect the environment,” adds Terry Drabiuk, Genesis Fertilizers’ Vice-President of Business Development. “Canadian farmers are not only the end customers, but also the project investors. They deserve ownership in a fertilizer complex that will be globally recognized for both its product excellence and its sustainability contributions.”

For comprehensive technical details please visit the full thyssenkrupp Uhde press release.

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About Genesis

Genesis Fertilizers is proposing to finance, design and construct a new, highly efficient nitrogen fertilizer production and distribution system that serves today’s modern farmer. One central production facility constructed near low-cost raw materials serving a Western Canadian network of strategically located farmer-centric SuperCenters. Genesis Fertilizers’ is a privately held limited partnership and its securities do not trade on any exchange.

About thyssenkrupp Uhde

thyssenkrupp Uhde combines unique technological expertise and decades of global experience in the engineering, procurement, construction and service of chemical plants. We develop innovative processes and products for a more sustainable future and thus contribute to the long-term success of our customers in almost all areas of the chemical industry. Our portfolio includes leading technologies for the production of base chemicals, fertilizers and polymers as well as complete value-chains for green hydrogen and sustainable chemicals.

Advisory Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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The forward-looking statements contained herein reflect management’s current views, but the assessments and assumptions upon which they are based may prove to be incorrect. Although Genesis Fertilizers believes that its underlying assessments and assumptions are reasonable based on currently available information, undue reliance should not be placed on forward-looking statements, which are inherently uncertain, depend upon the accuracy of such assessments and assumptions, and are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, both general and specific, many of which are beyond Genesis Fertilizers’ control, that may cause actual results or events to differ materially from those indicated or suggested in the forward-looking statements. As Genesis Fertilizers is currently in the capital raising phase of the project, such risks and uncertainties are numerous and include, but are not limited to, access to the significant amounts of required capital and debt financing for construction and initial operation of the fertilizer plant and distribution facilities; general economic, business and industry conditions; the state of the economy and the agricultural crop input business; business prospects and opportunities; variance of Genesis Fertilizers’ actual capital costs versus projections and estimates, operating costs and economic returns from those anticipated; and risks related to the sourcing of feedstock and the manufacturing of urea fertilizer.

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