Genesis Fertilizers Working with Invest Tisdale and Local Industry to Set Up Distribution Center

TISDALE, Saskatchewan, August 15, 2023 – Genesis Fertilizers Limited Partnership (“Genesis Fertilizers”) is working with Invest Tisdale and local industry to establish a future fertilizer distribution center in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. This proposed project, if completed, will be new investment in, and will create jobs at, the newly established agricultural industrial park in Tisdale.

Genesis Fertilizers is a partnership that will be majority owned by Western Canadian farmers investing equity to build their fertilizer future by vertically integrating urea production and distribution. Genesis Fertilizers’ plan includes a 700,000 mpta urea production facility to be located at Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan and a network of seven storage and distribution facilities across the three Prairie provinces.

Located in one of the most productive growing regions in the world and just a two-hour drive from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s largest city, Tisdale occupies a strategically important position. For Genesis Fertilizers, this working partnership with Invest Tisdale presents an opportunity to streamline the storage, blending, and direct distribution of fertilizer to farmers across Northeast-Central Saskatchewan, with potential expansion into Western Manitoba. Tisdale is a bustling rural service center, serving approximately 14 rural municipalities, and encompassing one of the most expansive crop collection areas in Western Canada. Additionally, the town’s status as a transportation hub, offering road-to-rail connectivity linking national rail companies and primary truck routes in all directions, positions it as an attractive location for companies aiming to grow their presence and export across North America and the world.

“Tisdale offers immense opportunity for businesses to grow and support our agriculture powerhouse sector,” said Brendan Samida, Chair of the Invest Tisdale Economic Board. “Our future is promising as farm operations and value-added processing at the place crops are harvested continue to grow, with investments pouring into land and buildings from fourth- and fifth-generation families in the Economic Region.”

The Invest Tisdale Economic Board supports industrial expansion for the long-term benefits of the region’s economic growth and sees Genesis Fertilizers as a strategic partner within the farming supply chain. “We aim to promote synergy between industries and businesses, urging them to be innovative in their planning to reduce their carbon footprint, waste, and land-use. We encourage investments in our transportation and utility infrastructure expansion plans. This makes for a powerful and productive partnership that fuels growth in rural Saskatchewan,” Samida emphasized.

Genesis Fertilizers has put in a significant effort to identify the key locations for its SuperCenters. “The process is rigorous, involving a thorough assessment of various criteria, and encompasses factors like long-term partnerships and collaborations.

Tisdale is a good fit for Genesis Fertilizers due to its access to railways, vibrant agricultural community, and proactive business engagement,” said Terry Drabiuk, Vice President of Business Development at Genesis Fertilizers.

Drabiuk added that the planned Tisdale SuperCenter will be an advanced fertilizer distribution hub, capable of rapidly loading a significant quantity of blended product in under 8 minutes. Like other planned Genesis Fertilizers SuperCenters, the Tisdale center will also employ cutting-edge technologies, including automation, to minimize loading and unloading times. An indoor loading facility is also being planned to ensure product quality even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The Tisdale SuperCentre is expected to be located in the RM of Tisdale Agriculture Industrial Park on the west side of the Town site off HWY 3. Brett Casavant, CEO of C-Merak, believes in the importance of bringing new projects to Tisdale. “Our team is excited to work with Invest Tisdale and Genesis Fertilizers. The Genesis Fertilizers project is a natural fit for the agriculture park and will help to support expanded investment into road, rail, and utility infrastructure.”

Genesis Fertilizers plans to host an open house in Tisdale following the 2023 harvest season, providing farmers an opportunity to engage with Genesis Fertilizers’ leadership team and agri-business experts, to deepen their understanding of the project.


Genesis Fertilizers is proposing to finance, design and construct a new, highly efficient urea production and distribution system that serves today’s modern farmer. One central production facility constructed near low-cost raw materials serving a Western Canadian network of strategically located farmer centric SuperCenters. Genesis Fertilizer’s is a privately held limited partnership and its securities do not trade on any exchange. For more information, visit


Terry Drabiuk
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Invest Tisdale

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C-Merak Industries

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