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The Idea

Fertilizer costs have long been a concern for farmers and an area over which they’d like to have some measure of influence.  Since 2010 we have specifically been working on the idea of building a nitrogen fertilizer plant in Western Canada—one in which farmers across Canada could participate. Since that time we have met with civil and environmental engineers, owners and manufacturers of similar plants, finance and legal teams, all with the hope of putting together a plan to take this project forward with Canadian farmers.

ProjectN is the culmination of that preliminary work and a launch pad for the rest of the initiative to move farmers further up the fertilizer value chain. It is the AgraCity team that has done the foundational work, held Member consultations, built the business profile of the industry and the opportunity for Canadian farmers. We want to give farmers like you the ability to participate in and profit from a new nitrogen fertilizer plant, while guaranteeing you a source of fertilizer supply at wholesale prices.  This is further enhanced with the building of 7 Genesis SuperCentres that will provide storage and blending services for it’s investors

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