Mark Smith Joins Genesis Fertilizers as Chief Financial Officer

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Oct 27, 2023

Genesis Fertilizers LP is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Smith, ACMA, as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), effective November 1, 2023.

Mark Smith brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in urea nitrogen plant finance to his new role. With over 15 years of experience in Chemical Manufacturing, including key senior management positions at Nutrien as Director of Manufacturing Plant Finance and Director of Financial Planning & Analysis in the Nitrogen division, Mark’s expertise will be a significant asset to Genesis.

In his new role, Mark will oversee contracts valued at over $1.5 billion to be tendered during the Front-End Engineering and Design process (FEED). His background in the Oil and Gas industry will be a key asset in securing short- and long-term gas supply agreements during the operation of the proposed Genesis Fertilizers urea plant.

Mark’s extensive experience in the chemicals industry on both sides of the Atlantic will instill confidence among Genesis shareholders and debtors. His arrival marks a significant step forward for the company, strengthening its leadership team.

Genesis Fertilizers warmly welcomes Mark Smith as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer and anticipates his contributions will help drive the organization’s continued success.


Genesis Fertilizers is proposing to finance, design and construct a new, highly efficient urea production and distribution system that serves today’s modern farmer. One central production facility constructed near low-cost raw materials serving a Western Canadian network of strategically located farmer centric SuperCenters. Genesis Fertilizer’s is a privately held limited partnership and its securities do not trade on any exchange. For more information, visit

Advisory Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
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