Genesis Fertilizers Joins Global Network of Agriculture Experts and companies on AGvisorPRO Platform

AGvisorPRO®, an agricultural connectivity technology, is pleased to announce Genesis Fertilizers has joined the innovative agriculture technology platform aimed at revolutionizing the accessibility of expert advice and knowledge for farmers.

“AGvisorPRO is committed to building an unbiased and agnostic ecosystem for all of agriculture. We want to bridge the gap between farmers, industry experts and leading agricultural companies making it easier for them to connect and access specialized knowledge,” stated Robert Saik, CEO of AGvisorPRO. “Genesis Fertilizers has an important vision for Western Canada and is excited to share that vision with farmers by extending their reach leveraging the AGvisorPRO platform.”

AGvisorPRO’s ecosystem provides farmers with access to a vast network of specialists and industry professionals through a seamless digital mobile platform dedicated solely to the business of agriculture. Farmers on the platform will now be able to engage directly with Genesis Fertilizers to learn about the potential Canadian farmers have to secure their future fertilizer supply and own part of the supply chain.

“We are excited to partner with AGvisorPRO to increase the reach of the Genesis Project to as many engaged farmers as possible to ensure the proposed manufacturing complex remains majority owned by farmers,” says Jason Mann, CEO of Genesis Fertilizers. “We are excited to utilize innovation to tell the Genesis Fertilizers story and be able to have valuable discussions about low carbon grain production and incorporating a sulphur infused nitrogen product.”

In addition to connecting with farmers on the platform, there are plans to profile Genesis Fertilizers on the AGvisorPRO webinar series, as well as build a Genesis “community” to facilitate steady updates. The two companies will also collaborate to feature Robert Saik at special events where he will discuss the advancements in agriculture technology.

AGvisorPRO is committed to supporting the growth, sustainability and profitability of the agricultural sector and welcomes the Genesis Fertilizer team onto the AGvisorPRO network.

Farmers can access Genesis Fertilizers expertise for free by downloading the AGvisorPRO app on iOS or Android.


About AGvisorPRO

AGvisorPRO is an agricultural technology platform that connects farmers with a global network of agricultural experts. The platform leverages mobile technology to facilitate instant connections, allowing farmers to access advice, knowledge, and expertise from a wide range of specialists across the agricultural industry. Media Contact:

About Genesis Fertilizers

Genesis Fertilizers is proposing to finance, design and construct a new, highly efficient nitrogen fertilizer production and distribution system that serves today’s modern farmer. One central production facility constructed near low-cost raw materials serving a Western Canadian network of strategically located farmer-centric SuperCenters. Genesis Fertilizers’ is a privately held limited partnership and its securities do not trade on any exchange.