Jason Mann

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jason has extensive experience in operations, project start-ups and business management on a domestic and international level, and has played a leadership role in overseeing the operations and strategic planning of these rapidly growing businesses. Jason has also led the implementation of Genesis Fertilizers. As the CEO of AgraCity, Jason has in-depth knowledge of the crop inputs supply and distribution business from a North American and global perspective and has been directly responsible for the global sourcing of fertilizer products for AgraCity farmer customers.

Terry Drabiuk

Vice President, Chief Business Development Officer

Terry holds a Bachelor of Administration majoring in Commerce and a diploma in Computer Science. Terry has managed more than 300 projects in over 20 countries. He has extensive project management experience leading multimillion-dollar projects, including two in-land grain handling terminals, intensive livestock operations, and fertilizer blending facilities. He has also managed a region of over 100 country grain elevators and farm supply stores. He has assisted corporations and governments in building technical training centres to support national capacity building initiatives around the globe.

Barrie Mann

Vice President, Investor Relations

Barrie is a seasoned executive, business owner and former farmer. Barrie worked 23 years with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business where he was instrumental in the development of their Agri-Business platform. He brings an in-depth knowledge of the business side of agriculture with a focus on improving the bottom line of farming. Barrie has spent the past eight years building a successful international manufacturing and distribution company with operations in Canada and the United States.

Brian Rumberg

National Sales Manager

An innovative and creative manger, Brian has been a leader in the agriculture space for over 25 years. Comfortable in various roles, he has excelled in sales and team management in both domestic and international markets. As an agronomist, he brings technical and science expertise and an understanding of both manufacturing and customer services. 

Oliver A.E. Mehl

Advisor to the Board

One of the leading global fertiliser experts, specialising in:

  • managing large fertiliser companies/groups/teams,
  • setting up strategies to guarantee sustainability in an ever consolidating industry,
  • upstreaming into production assets,
  • managing greenfield fertiliser production projects including senior debt/equity with ECA coverage,
  • global fertiliser marketing of all fertiliser commodities and specialities,
  • down streaming fertiliser marketing into retail distribution,
  • managing fertiliser distribution terminals,
  • managing domestic and international logistics,
  • utilising hedging tools to minimise risk,
  • well versed in both Marine and International Commercial law,
  • Urea market specialist.
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