Jason Mann

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jason has extensive experience in operations, project start-ups and business management on a domestic and international level, and has played a leadership role in overseeing the operations and strategic planning of these rapidly growing businesses. Jason has also led the implementation of Genesis Fertilizers. As the CEO of AgraCity, Jason has in-depth knowledge of the crop inputs supply and distribution business from a North American and global perspective and has been directly responsible for the global sourcing of fertilizer products for AgraCity farmer customers.

Mark Smith, ACMA

Chief Financial Officer

Mark comes to Genesis Fertilizers LP with a high level of experience and knowledge within urea nitrogen plant finance. He has over 15 years of experience in Chemical Manufacturing including senior management roles within Nutrien as Director of Manufacturing Plant Finance and Director of Financial Planning & Analysis in the Nitrogen division, making him a great asset to Genesis.

Mark’s responsibilities include oversight on over $1.5B of contracts to be tendered during the Front-End Engineering and Design process (FEED). Mark also brings significant experience in the oil and gas industry which will be a key asset in securing short- and long-term gas supply agreements during the operation of Genesis’s urea plant.

Terry Drabiuk

Vice President, Chief Business Development Officer

Terry holds a Bachelor of Administration majoring in Commerce and a diploma in Computer Science. Terry has managed more than 300 projects in over 20 countries. He has extensive project management experience leading multimillion-dollar projects, including two in-land grain handling terminals, intensive livestock operations, and fertilizer blending facilities. He has also managed a region of over 100 country grain elevators and farm supply stores. He has assisted corporations and governments in building technical training centres to support national capacity building initiatives around the globe.

Barrie Mann

Vice President, Investor Relations

Barrie is a seasoned executive, business owner and former farmer. Barrie worked 23 years with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business where he was instrumental in the development of their Agri-Business platform. He brings an in-depth knowledge of the business side of agriculture with a focus on improving the bottom line of farming. Barrie has spent the past eight years building a successful international manufacturing and distribution company with operations in Canada and the United States.

Rob Meijer

Vice President, Strategic Alliances

With over 25 years experience, Meijer held executive positions within organizations such as Canada Beef, Cargill, and JBS Food Canada. This experience will lend itself to Rob developing forward-looking corporate development partnership, joint ventures, and sustainability initiatives for Genesis Fertilizers. His background in agri-business vertical and supply chain integration will be a key asset in positioning the company’s urea facility as a partner of choice, building enhanced confidence for Genesis shareholders and debtors.

Kathy Jordison

Board Director

Working in the fertilizer industry for almost 25 years, Kathy joined the Belle Plaine nitrogen plant just weeks after start-up until her retirement as Yara Canada Vice President Asset Development in late 2019. She has extensive background in the management of nitrogen production, sales of produced and imported material. She also has an in depth understanding of rail and truck transportation and represented Fertilizer Canada on the Shipper Coalition Committee convened by the Federal Government. She managed and developed warehouse facilities across North America. Kathy worked extensively in the financial area, representing Saskferco on the sale of the Belle Plaine facility to Yara. Kathy’s deep knowledge of Capital projects such as recent proposals to expand the Belle Plaine urea plant, completed plant expansions, warehouse developments and day to day operations will be a tremendous asset to the Genesis project.

Garth Whyte

Board Director

Garth has worked in the agri-food sector for over 40 years. He is the past President and CEO of Fertilizer Canada. Prior to joining Fertilizer Canada, he was President and CEO at Restaurants Canada. He was Executive Vice President at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and has held several other senior positions over his 23-year career with Saskatchewan in the Departments of Finance; Intergovernmental Affairs; and Tourism, Parks and Renewable Resources. Garth has served on several Boards and on numerous Canadian and provincial government advisory committees. During his time with Fertilizer Canada, Garth forged strong relationships within the Canadian and International fertilizer industries, gaining in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of this vital farm input.

Ian Craven

Board Director

Ian Craven is a seasoned business advisor with over 30 years of experience, specializing in finance, corporate strategy, and governance. Ian served as a partner at MNP for over 22 years, specializing in providing expert guidance to clients. His expertise spans various sectors, including agriculture, where he advised on projects related to manufacturing and processing, notably contributing to the Genesis Fertilizer project.

    Oliver A.E. Mehl

    Advisor to the Board

    Oliver A.E. Mehl is a global fertilizer expert with experience across the entire fertilizer value chain — from leading large teams to crafting sustainability strategies, optimizing production assets, managing greenfield projects, and excelling in global marketing and retail distribution. Oliver’s proficiency extends to logistics, risk management, and expertise in Marine and International Commercial law, making him a urea market specialist and a trusted leader in the field.

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