Join an alliance of Canadian farmers that invested equity to build their fertilizer future by vertically integrating their farming operations. Farmer owned. Farmer managed. Farmer profits.


Genesis Fertilizers LP (Genesis) is considered a “specified” and “connected” issuer to Axcess Capital Advisors (Axcess) because dealing representatives of Axcess have been sponsored by Genesis, which may lead a reasonable prospective purchaser of the securities of Genesis to question if Axcess and/or its dealing representatives are independent of Genesis. Genesis has identified prospective investors for the Offering on the basis of their also being farmers who require fertilizer for their farming businesses. As a result, investors in the Offering are expected to enter into a binding letter of intent with Genesis under which investors will commit to purchase fertilizer from Genesis (a Genesis Offtake Agreement). Entering into a Genesis Offtake Agreement is not a condition of participating in the Offering, however the preferential investment terms of the Offering are being made available to farmer investors based on their commitment to enter into a Genesis Offtake Agreement.

This presentation is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase securities by Genesis Fertilizers. Any subsequent offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to purchase securities by Genesis Fertilizers will be made by means of offering documents (e.g., subscription agreement, partnership agreement and/or similar documents prepared by Genesis Fertilizers for use in connection with such subsequent offer or solicitation) and only in jurisdictions where permitted by law.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this presentation has been supplied by Genesis Fertilizers based on the most accurate information available at the date of issuance May 6, 2021 and there is no representation or warranty, express or implied as to the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of such information. This presentation is confidential and contains certain information not publicly disclosed. Any reproduction of any of the information contained herein, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.